Video Games

  • Since I was a little kid, I always found geat interest and amusment in video games. I vividly remember the day my father got me my first games console and introduced me to games. I spent my childhood playing classics like Crash, Metal Gear solid and Need For Speed. More recently I've played games like The Last of Us, Uncharted and other great story based games but have found it to be more difficult for me to find time to play because of my studies, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the occasional Battlefield, Titanfall or Destiny matches from time to time. Can't wait for CyberPunk 2077's release next year.

Movies/TV Shows

  • From time to time, when I have nothing to do, I enjoy relaxing at home and starting a movie or a TV Show. Watching something can open the mind, introduce new ideas to the viewer and help them see things from a different prespictive. Many people who enjoy films also choose to watch them because they allow them to escape reality and experience new things without actually being there. Movies and Shows have also tremendously contributed to my English skills over the years. Although I have seen so many great films to list, some of my favourite picks would be BladeRunner, The Nice Guys, Game of Thrones and definitly Silicon Valley!

Reading Books

  • Aside from activities that involve a screen, I happen to be a huge book enthusiast. I spend an adequate amount of time reading books with a variety of different genres. Since picking up my first novel a few years ago, I've discovered that books can be filled with amazing stories that movies or shows simply can't cover in detail. Now you often find my nose sunken into different books ranging from comedies to future sci-fi novels. I am almost always carrying a book with me.

This Other Thing

  • I also have a bad habit of staring at walls for far too long.